Rays Trying to Complete Comeback

After Sunday’s 8 to 5 Rays win over the Red Sox, the Rays are only 2 games behind the Red Sox in the AL Wild Card Race. The Rays are 11 and 4 in their last 15 games and have come within 2 games of playoffs, after being down by 9 games as of September 2nd. The Rays have won 8 of their last 9 games against the Red Sox. and have the series lead at 12 wins 6 losses. If the rays are able to pull off a Wild Card playoff spot, they will make history as they will be the first team to overcome as high as a 9 game lead as late as September 2nd.

The rest of the season looks like it is more lenient toward the Red Sox. The Red Sox will finish this season by playing the Orioles four- games in three nights followed by a 3 game set with the Yankees, then three more with the Orioles. the Rays on the other hand play four- games in three nights against the Yankees, followed by a three game home series with the Blue Jays and a 3 game series with the Yankees. This Wild Card race is causiong a lot of confusion in Boston fans as they will become Yankee fans, being that the Rays play the Yankees 7 more times.

If the Red Sox happen to collapse and blow this lead, it will be a huge turn of events in my opinion. I like to see a team like the Rays come from behind and pull of a playoff spot, when down by so much. But I don’t see it happening. The Red Sox are some what in a slump right now and are still keeping up with the Rays. When the Red Sox get back to the baseball that we all know they can play, they won’t be caught. Plus the fact that there aren’t many games left in this season, I don’t see the Rays finishing this off. What are your thoughts?

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