Waiver Talks

Over the past week or so, there have been many waiver talks and many players being claimed off waivers to move to other teams. But what exactly is a waiver trade? Well, teams are allowed to trade freely up untill the July 31st deadline. After that, teams are still allowed to trade, but it makes it a little more difficult. They must place a player on waivers, and he is then sent throught the list of teams in the reverse order of the standings (Starting with the worst record team moving toward the best record). When the player is on waivers, a team may claim him, in which they can either work out a deal, or the original team may pull the waivers out (which happens most of the time). This move is legal through the end of the season, but if the player you claim wants to be eligible to make the post season roster, the move must be done by August 31st. Now that we all know what a waiver is, let’s see what moves have been made recently.

Some moves that have gone through were Delmon Young’s trade from the Minnesota Twins to the Detroit Tigers. Young was dealt to the Tigers for two minor league prospects. Delmon Young just had to switch dugouts as the Tigers were playing the Twins that day. Young, in his first at bat with his new team, hit a solo home run to left field. Then there is A’s third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff. Although the A’s and Rockies are both out of playoff contention, that didn’t stop them from making a deal. Kouzmanoff was dealt to the Rockies for cash considerations. Kouzmanoff has struggled to stay healthy this year and his production hasn’t been great, but the Rockies must see something we don’t.

Some big name players deals are still up in the air as of today. One of those names is Twins first baseman and DH Jim Thome. Thome was placed on waivers by the Twins and was recently claimed by the Cleveland Indians. Thome has a no-trade clause in his contract and hasn’t stated whether or not he would want to be traded to a contender. The Indians were the team that brought Thome into the league and he played there for 12 years. He would be a good fit there, knowing that Indians DH Travis Hafner has gone down with an injury. Another player who is being claimed but a deal is not done is Thome’s teammate Jason Kubel. Kubel has been claimed by the Chicago White Sox. Although the Sox are over 6 games out, Kubel makes a good add knowing that out fielder Carlos Quentin is down on the DL with shoulder problems. Padres Heath Bell was also claimed on waivers, by the San Fransisco Giants. The Padres have 48 hours to decide if they want to trade Bell, pull him off waivers, or just let him go. Mets thrid baseman David Wright was claimed by the Rockies, but it’s said that it is highly unlikely that the Mets will trade Wright.

Then the name that was tossed around but didn’t happen. Cubs power hitting first baseman Carlos Pena was claimed on waivers by the New York Yankees. When trying to make a deal, Cubs GM pulled Pena off the waivers, wanting Pena to finish out the year with the Cubs.


  1. southernbelle

    Ahh…I was wondering what happened with Pena. I heard the Yankees got him, but then he never came. I still don’t really understand the whole procedure, but it makes more sense now. I also remember hearing that Jorge Posada, A.J. Burnett, and Rafael Soriano were put on waivers by the Yankees. Don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that all three of them are still in the Bronx!

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