Postseason Matchups

This 2011 postseason should be a good on. After the excitement of the NL and AL wildcard chases and the Rays taking over the Red Sox spot and the Cardinals taking over the Braves. But now its time for the MLB Postseason. We have the Yankees playing the Tigers and the Rays playing the Rangers in the AL. Then the Brewers playing the D-Backs, and the Phillies playing the Cardinals in the NLDS.

Let’s start with the Yankees and Tigers series. The Tigers this year came out on top over the Yankees in the season series, winning 4 out of 7 games. Game one we have the two aces going at it, in C.C. Sabathia for the Yankees and Justin Verlander for the Tigers. The outcome will depend on how long the series goes. I see Justin Verlander coming out on top of Sabathia in game one, putting the Tigers ahead 1-0. Then if the Tigers can pull off one more win and force a Game 5, Verlander will come out on top again, winning the series. If the Yankees can avoid a Game 5, the Yankees will move on. The only way I see the Tigers moving on in this series is if they can get to a Game 5.

Staying with the AL, we move on to the Rangers and Rays series. The Rangers and Rays have played each other 9 times this year, Rangers winning 5 and the Rays with 4. But the Rangers have really handled the Rays, averaging a run and a half more then the Rays and holding the Rays to a .182 batting average in the head to head compitition. Game one staters are C.J. Wilson for the Rangers and the Rays are undecided. They will either have Jeff Niemann, Wade Davis, or left handed rookie Matt Moore on the bump for game 1. This series will be close, but I don’t think the Rays staff is good enough to beat the Rangers offense and the Rangers staff is too strong. Rangers win in 5.

Over to the NL, where we have the Phillies against the wildcard Cardinals. The Phillies have had a hard time beating the Cardinals this year with a losing record against them. Game one will have Kyle Lohse for the Cardinals and ace Roy Halladay for the Phillies. The Phillies have had a hard time winning against the Cardinals this year yes, but the Phillies won’t have a hard time beating them in the postseason. I think the Phillies will take the series in 4 games, and in my opinion, this being the only series that doesn’t go 5 games.

The other match-up in the NL is the Brewers vs. the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks have taken the season series with 4 wins in 7 games, although both teams scored 28 runs total. Game one will have the aces for each staff going at it, Ian Kennedy for the Diamondbacks and Yovani Gallardo going for the Brewers. The Diamondbacks are good against the Brewers this year, but the Brewers have home field advantage this series, hosting games 1, 2, and 5. This is a plus for the Brewers where they are 57-24 at home. This is also a blow to the D-Backs where they are hot at home, and finished the season winning 21 of 25 at Chase Field. I have the Brewers winning in 5 games, all 3 wins at home.

This postseason should be a good one all around. Keeping everyone on their toes and excited to see what comes next. My picks for this years World Series are the Brewers from the NL, up against the Rangers fo the AL. What do you think?

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