Who Is the Next Philly?

The Philadelphia Phillies have been considered the dominant team of the 2011 MLB season. But they’ve also been dominant in the recent years, and can’t be the dominant team for years to come. So who will take over the reign as the dominant team of the MLB when the Phillies are no more? Many team names come to mind such as the Yankees and Red Sox, but if you look into the NL West, you will find my pick to be the next dominant team in the MLB. The Arizona Diamondbacks.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have proved this year that they are more then what teams have thought they were. The Diamondbacks are tops in the NL West standings ahead of the defending champions and are rolling through August. They have many young stars on their teams such as Justin Upton, Chris Young, Paul Goldschmidt and many more that will only mature of the next few years and produce more and more. The Diamondbacks, who are not yet at their best, rank in the top 10 in the NL in 4 different catagories, (ERA, HR, Runs, and Opponents Batting Average).

Their pitching is doing well with a 4.02 ERA and their staff is tied for 7th in the MLB with 10 shutouts. Although they only have 4 complete games from their starters this year, their bullpen is backing them up and has converted 44 of their 56 save opportunities, which places them third in the NL in saves. Arizona’s staff is fourth in the national league in team wins with 70 and are only getting better. Their pitching is only getting better and with the necessary work in the needed spots, they will have a good rotation and bullpen. Their ace Ian Kennedy will shine and lead this staff through September and into the playoffs, not to mention years to come.

Their hitting is also very young and getting better as time goes. Their ranked 7th in the NL in runs and thrid in the NL in home runs and are just outside the top 10 in many offensive catagories. I see them coming into the 2012 season and cracking the top 10 in many if not all offensive catagories and becoming an elite team in the MLB.

If they keep their young players, add some vets here and there along the way and keep their farm systems good and healthy, I can see the Arizona Diamondbacks moving forward and taking over the MLB as the most dominant team in the MLB.


One comment

  1. Chris

    Yankees have 8 of the top 50 prospects in baseball and the D-Backs will not have the money like the bigger market teams have to keep their “young stars” so they would/will leave so they wont be able to dominate for long spans at a time…..look at the marlins the same happenned to them after they won the world series……..i do think the D-backs will be good but not for as long as the phillies are and will be

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