Strasburg’s Comeback

Stephen Strasburg went in for arm surgery on September 3rd, 2010 and knew that it was a possiblity that he wouldnt pitch untill the 2012 season. But he has came back earlier than expected and after 11 months of rehabing his elbow and getting in better shape physically, is now in the minor leagues making his rehab starts.

In his first start with the Class A Hagerstown Suns, Strasburg was looking good. He threw the first one and two thirds innings of the game and threw 31 pitches, 25 of which were strikes. His fastball was looking good in the upper 90’s with his normal off speed pitches looking good. He allowed 3 hits and 1 run, a solo home run. He looked good to me, but the three hits were hit well. Not to mention he only pitched an inning and a third.

Strasburg’s second start was with the Potomac Nationals, and he looked even better then his first start. He threw 3 complete innings and struck out 5 while allowing 2 hits and no runs. His fastball was topped out at 99 and was consistantly registering at 96 to 97. His breaking ball was looking sharper and his change up was devastating. A plus said to this start is his two hits were infield hits. After giving up 3 solid hits last rehad start, none of the contacted balls left the infield this start.

His third start was by far the worst of the three. He threw one and two thirds innings again, but need 49 pitches to do so. He also allowed five earned runs on four hits and two walk. He ended his night with a strikeout, after allowing 3 straight RBI singles. Plus side to this start was that his fastball was at its fastest since returning, clocked at 96 to 99. This is a good sign, especially after doctors said it would take 18 months to gain his velocity back after the surgery.

Strasburg will make another rehab start on Monday, most likely for Hagerstown.

Strasburg has looked good in 2 out of 3 starts. How do you think he will do in start number 4? How do you think he will do when he returns to the majors? I think he will repeat his preformance from game 2 and pitch well and his return to the majors will look the same as when he left.

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