AL Cy Young Race

This year, there are many dominant pitchers in the American League that are all contending for the American League Cy Young Award. The top 3 contenders for this season are Justin Verlander (Detroit Tigers), Jered Weaver (Los Angeles Angels), C.C. Sabathia (New York Yankees). In my opinion, Justin Verlander is the deserving pitcher for this years award. Justin Verlander leads the league in many categories, such as innings pitched (195.0), wins (17), and strikeouts (195). Verlander has also thrown a no-hitter this season, taken two other games into the 8th inning with no-hitters, and has practically carried the tigers rotation. It certianly seems like, with these numbers, he’s a lock for the Cy Young, being mid august. But then you have 2 other aces making a case for their shot at the award, C.C. Sabathia and Jered Weaver. Jered Weaver leads the MLB in ERA with a microscopic 1.78, but doesn’t compare to the other to contenders in other categories, such as wins (14) and strikeouts (150). Weaver does have an edge in that he has only given up 36 runs in 24 starts and has only given up four runs in a game once, while Verlander has given up 57 runs in 26 starts and has given up four or more runs 5 different times. So with that, Weaver may have the edge for an easy second place in the voting, and maybe even first. The Yankees ace Sabathia is second in the American League in wins (16), innings pitched (190.2), and strikeouts (175), all behind Verlander. One thing that may factor in for C.C. is that he does play in the AL East, which is a MLB power house (which he doesn’t have to face the yankees of course). All three of these pitchers still have big starts to go during the rest of the regular season, so maybe this will all sort itself out by the end. But for now, Justin Verlander is my pick for the American League Cy Young Award this year, what’s yours?

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