Blue Jays Stealing Signs?

The Toronto Blue Jays were accused of stealing signs from the opposing teams catcher during a recent series. According to some reports, the Toronto Blue Jays placed a fan in all white clothing in dead center field, right above the pitchers head so the batters didn’t have to move their eyes that far to see the fan. They say he was waving his hands over his head for any type of off speed pitch, and just standing there whenever the pitch was a fastball. The bullpen pitchers caught on to the fan in all white and began yelling insults and threats at Blue Jays left fielder Jose Bautistia. The inning after the incident with the Blue Jays outfielder, the man in the all white had left his seat and the game. Normally, signs are picked up by players and tipped to their teammates on  a game to game basis. Players tip signs from second base to the players batting, which is why catchers use multiple signs when runners are on second. Now the real question is, were they really stealing the signs and is there a possible punishment for them?

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  1. Chris Ross

    I wasn’t surprised to see the allegations against the Blue Jays because there have been rumblings but I was surprised by the selective evidence searching of the article on ESPN. We all know that the media forms articles to conform to their views but this is just crazy. I guess you can take the article any way you want but it looks as though there was a lot of evidence discounted by ESPN. I would like to see what comes of this because there clearly isn’t enough evidence right now to make any justified conclusions I don’t think. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say

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