Trade Deadline Review

With the trade deadline two days behind us, many familiar faces are in new uniforms. A few big names are moved around, such as Ubaldo Jimeniez to the Cleveland Indians and Hunter Pence moves to Philidelphia. Many teams made new additions in hope for a playoff spot. The Texas Rangers bulked up their bullpen and added Mike Adams and Koji Uehara while the Atlanta Braves added a young OF in Michael Bourn. Also worth a mention is the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are a shocker this year, adding some pop in their line-up with 1B Derek Lee and OF Ryan Ludwick. But what teams made out the best this last weekend for the trade deadline? In my opinon, I think the St. Louis Cardinals covered up a lot of weak points in their line-up with the addition of Rafeal Furcal, Edwin Jackson and Octavio Dotel. I think they really needed a SS along with a starter and an addition to the bullpen. Another team that had a good deadline was the San Fransisco Giants. They added veterans OF Carlos Beltran and SS Orlando Cabrera, who aren’t necessarily at their prime but act as leaders and can still play well on a team of young stars. Overall, these are the two teams that I think made out the best this year, and filled in the positions that they needed to. What teams do you think made out the best?

One comment

  1. Chris

    The phillies and rangers made better trades then the cardnals and giants……the rangers nite have the best bullpen in baseball and the phillies improved on defense as well as offense alot more then the giants or cardnals did

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