Is Bunting for a Hit to Break Up a No-Hitter Okay?

Going into the 8th inning of the Los Angeles Angels vs. Detroit Tigers game, Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander was throwing a No-Hitter when Erick Aybar approached the plate. Aybar went on to lay down a bunt and reach on an error on Justin Verlander. That inning, Aybar went on to score on a fielders choice, then the No-Hitter being broken up due to a Macier Izturis single. Now the real question is, is it okay for Erick Aybar to lay down a bunt to attempt to break up the No-Hitter. Growing up, you’re taught all the “Un-Written” rules of baseball, one of them being not to lay down a bunt to break up the no hitter. But after watching many highlights on the play and reading over many reviews and polls about the play, many people are saying if it’s a close game, then it’s okay to do. I disagree with this. I think that the first hit of the game should have to be a clean base hit, not a bunt. What are your thoughts?


  1. Criss

    Here is one humble opinion on the matter. Bunting for a base hit in a close No-hit bid by a pitcher is acceptable if the batter laying down the bunt is one who uses the bunt as a way of getting a base hit regularly, especially in a game such as this that if you can get on base and rattle you opponent and possibly score just as the Angels did. Un-written rules are just that, un-written and therefore are subject to each situation. In this case Aybar attempting the bunt was totally acceptable and within the standards of the game.

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